Our favorite go-to photo booth poses...

You know that feeling when you step in a photo booth and panic sets in? Should I smile? Should I dance? WHAT DO I DO? It’s okay, we’ve all been there! Luckily, we’re real deal booth professionals and, over the years, we’ve seen all the best moves so here’s a little inspiration for your next photo booth debut…

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New phone who dis?

You most certainly have the perfect prop on you for this one! Just make sure you check the floor first.

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Important Announcement

Sure you definitely need your own big news to make this pose work but when it works, it WORKS.

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Pick em up!

Doubly funny if each person in the photo gets a turn!

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Bring your best yoga pose to the booth. You’ll look peaceful and bendy. Win-win.

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Wild Ride

Are you on a roller coaster? At a concert? Who knows?! It just looks like you’re having the best time ever.

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Jurassic Park

Pterodactyls are always funny. Trust us.

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How you doin?

Works with sunnies or glasses! Don’t have a pair on you? Borrow your neighbor’s!

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Most effective in groups—especially when there’s always one jokester who didn’t get the message.

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Classic Smile

When in doubt, turn on the charm and flash your best smile. The bigger the better.