Our favorite go-to photo booth poses...

You know that feeling when you step in a photo booth and panic sets in? Should I smile? Should I dance? WHAT DO I DO? It’s okay, we’ve all been there! Luckily, we’re real deal booth professionals and, over the years, we’ve seen all the best moves so here’s a little inspiration for your next photo booth debut…

Minneapolis photo booth rentals

New phone who dis?

You most certainly have the perfect prop on you for this one! Just make sure you check the floor first.

Minneapolis St Paul Photo Booth Rentals

Important Announcement

Sure you definitely need your own big news to make this pose work but when it works, it WORKS.

gold photo booth backdrop Minneapolis photo booth

Pick em up!

Doubly funny if each person in the photo gets a turn!

sequin backdrop minneapolis photo booth rentals


Bring your best yoga pose to the booth. You’ll look peaceful and bendy. Win-win.

minneapolis photo booth rentals paper backdrops

Wild Ride

Are you on a roller coaster? At a concert? Who knows?! It just looks like you’re having the best time ever.

sequin backdrops photo booth rentals

Jurassic Park

Pterodactyls are always funny. Trust us.

Twin Cities photo booths

How you doin?

Works with sunnies or glasses! Don’t have a pair on you? Borrow your neighbor’s!

Selfie & Co photo booth rentals


Most effective in groups—especially when there’s always one jokester who didn’t get the message.

Selfie & Co minneapolis photo booth rentals

Classic Smile

When in doubt, turn on the charm and flash your best smile. The bigger the better.

4 Reasons Your Wedding Needs a Photo Booth

Minneapolis Photo Booth Rentals
  1. Entertainment

    A photo booth is fun for all ages! And it gives your guests something to do when they need a break from the dance floor and are quenching their thirst with your signature cocktail. It’s a great spot for old friends to reunite, or an excellent ice breaker for guests who don’t know each other.

  2. More Photos!

    See what your friends and family were up to all night while you were busy schmoozing and dancing; you’ll love looking through your photo booth images once the night is over. Your professional photos will be great for printing and hanging in your home, but your photo booth gallery will make you giggle for years to come. There’s always more than a few surprises in every gallery—we promise.

  3. Make & Preserve Memories

    Choose to integrate a guest book in your photo booth experience! What better way to preserve the time your fraternity brother and your grandma wrapped themselves up in a feather boa together? Plus flipping through your photo booth guest book will warm your heart and make you laugh every single time.

  4. Favors

    Cross one more thing off your list! Selfie & Co photo booth rentals always come with multiple prints so your guests will have a favor they’ll actually want to keep! DOn’t be surprised when you see their photo booth print proudly displayed on their fridge. Your wedding will leave people talking long after the fun is over!

Rob Covington | Minneapolis Birthday Party Photo Booth

Earlier this week we got a call from the Timberwolves to work on a surprise birthday party for #33 Rob Covington! It was an awesome night at Seven celebrating with his family and friends and here are a few of our favorites from their photo booth…

Briana & Adam | Minneapolis Wedding Photo Booth

A few of our photo booth favorites from Briana & Adam’s Minneapolis wedding at Mansion in Uptown. they had a very specific theme so it was fun to get creative with custom font, props, and backdrop!

Prentice & Brian | Nicollet Island Pavilion Wedding Photo Booth

Prentice & Brian had a beautiful July day for their wedding at Nicollet Island Wedding. Neither the dance floor nor the photo booth was empty all night—now that’s a party! They opted for a classic gold sequin backdrop and no props, encouraging their guests’ personalities to really shine! They didn’t disappoint! A few of our favorites:

Suzy & Veronica | Minneapolis Wedding Reception Photo Booth

Suzy & Veronica actually eloped to the Netherlands so when they returned they wanted to celebrate their wedding in Minneapolis with family and friends in a big way! A close friend designed their custom backdrop and helped us customize their print layout. The photo booth was perfect for their party and all ages got in on the fun!

Gray Matter | Minneapolis Fashion Week Photo Booth Rentals

Had the best time during Fashion Week at Anna Lee’s show: Gray Matters Series: Sense of Place. The event was held at Winsome Goods studio in NE Minneapolis and they opted for creating their own backdrop and we customized the photo booth prints with the event logos. Just a few from a really fun evening…

FeMNist Night Market | Minneapolis Photo Booth Rentals

A big shout out to Still Kickin and The Coven for having us at their FeMNist Night Market! The talented Chelsea Brink came up with an easy backdrop and a complimentary design for the photo booth prints. A few of our faves….

Maxim Superbowl Party | Minneapolis Corporate Photo Booth Rentals

Maxim’s annual Superbowl party right here in Minneapolis! They opted for a simple black paper backdrop and no props. The booth was on fire all night long, just a sampling of tonight’s party…

Hey Landyn! | Minneapolis Party Photo Booth Rentals

We had the pleasure of celebrating Living With Landyn at the Hutton House for her Live Tour. They opted for our champagne sequin backdrop (which matched the rosé perfectly!) and a print layout that featured her sponsors. A few from the evening’s festivities…