4 Reasons Your Wedding Needs a Photo Booth

Minneapolis Photo Booth Rentals
  1. Entertainment

    A photo booth is fun for all ages! And it gives your guests something to do when they need a break from the dance floor and are quenching their thirst with your signature cocktail. It’s a great spot for old friends to reunite, or an excellent ice breaker for guests who don’t know each other.

  2. More Photos!

    See what your friends and family were up to all night while you were busy schmoozing and dancing; you’ll love looking through your photo booth images once the night is over. Your professional photos will be great for printing and hanging in your home, but your photo booth gallery will make you giggle for years to come. There’s always more than a few surprises in every gallery—we promise.

  3. Make & Preserve Memories

    Choose to integrate a guest book in your photo booth experience! What better way to preserve the time your fraternity brother and your grandma wrapped themselves up in a feather boa together? Plus flipping through your photo booth guest book will warm your heart and make you laugh every single time.

  4. Favors

    Cross one more thing off your list! Selfie & Co photo booth rentals always come with multiple prints so your guests will have a favor they’ll actually want to keep! DOn’t be surprised when you see their photo booth print proudly displayed on their fridge. Your wedding will leave people talking long after the fun is over!